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Fine Handcrafted Textiles

Our tag line defines our product lines. I started my business because of my love and admiration for the variety and diversity of handcrafted Indian textiles. I grew up watching my mom shop for the most exquisite hand loomed saris in natural fabrics like cotton and silk. The saris were named for the style of their weaves, which in turn were the names of the villages where they were woven.
My appreciation for woven and embroidered natural fabrics grew even more after I moved to America. I have lived in California for more than 3 decades, but continue my annual travels to India because of deep connections with family and friends. Many women I know in California - my friends, co workers, moms at my kids' schools - used to comment on what I wore, and asked where they could buy similar accessories and jackets.  I realized that it was not easy to find unique, high quality, "made in India" products in American markets.
Marigold Row (previously Pavo SF) was started as an attempt to curate the finest and latest accessories, apparel, and home furnishings, and sell them in America. When I travel in India, I find myself marveling at the innovation and craftsmanship of designers and artisans, and my only regret is that it is impossible to import every beautiful fabric that I see. The validation from customers and buyers who share my passion, has been very gratifying.